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Northwest Royal Miss is a natural girl with a touch of glimmer! We allow poufy pageant hairstyles, light makeup, and trendy/fashionable clothing. We do not allow glitz cupcake dresses or heavy make-up under 12. Girls may wear any length and style dress/gown they choose. Sunday best is fine, as are long full ball gowns.  Open To entire NW Including Oregon and Idaho


DIVISIONS (There will be one Queen per division and one overall queen)

(Age as of 01 January 2023)

  • 0-36 months  Baby Miss (Division will be split if there are enough contestants)

  • 3 to 4 years  Tiny Miss

  • 5 to 6 years Princess

  • 7 to 9 years Little Miss

  • 10 to 12 years  Pre-Teen

  • 13 to 15 years  JR. Teen

  • 16 to 18 years Teen

  • 19 to 24 years Miss

  • Ms  25+  married or with children

Baby Division: Babies compete in Playtime vs interview.   Babies will not be eligible for Community Service or Academic or High Points.


**Formal Wear:  You will have up to 1 minute and 30 seconds to model your formal wear. You may wear any formal dress you feel beautiful in:  Prom dresses/flower girl dresses, girls pageant dresses  and custom made are allowed.  Keep the glitz to a minimum

Introduction: You will perform a 30 second introduction in formal wear. This is times and deductions will be taken for introductions over 30 seconds. Introduction should include name, age and some information about you.

**Interview: A suit, jumper or Dress business appropriate 

**Fun Fashion:  May be off the rack or custom made.  Dressy and classy please   No denim or tee shirts.. Get Creative. Wear an outfit that stands out and looks great on you.

Photogenic - 1 Photo 5x7 or 8x10.  The photo must have a clear image of child’s face. Slight Retouching is acceptable. Will be judged during interview so make sure you choose a photo that looks like your child. 

Optional Talent:   Talent can be any type.  There is a 2 minute time limit. You must supply your own music by bringing it to the pageant on a CD or USB drive. Props are allowed as long as they are not elaborate. No props that produce smoke, liquid, etc... will be allowed. Cartwheels, walkovers, back bends and splits are acceptable for talent. No other gymnastic moves are allowed due to safety precautions. 

Baby Division:

Babies do not compete in interview and will only compete on Saturday. Babies do not need to attend the pageant Friday. After Baby crowning there will be a photo of the baby winner along with group photos.​


Formal wear & Fun Fashion. Formal wear is judged on natural beauty, personality & overall impression.

Fun Fashion is judged on creativity, personality & overall impression. Scoring is 1-10 with decimals.

On Stage Introduction will be judged during the formal wear competition at first X. 

Photogenic is judged on natural beauty, photogenic ability, and expression. Photogenic will be judged during the interview

The girl with the highest combined scores in Beauty, Fun Fashion, Interview and, On Stage Introduction will be crowned  Divisional Supreme. 

Score sheets are available at the end of the NW Royal Miss Pageant. Scorecards will be discarded if not claimed after the pageant.


.  Each contestant will be announced individually. Each age division will be called up to stand as a whole for collective judging options

A dressing room will be provided. We will make arrangements for our dads who are dressing their contestants.

Once your child has finished Formalwear, they can prepare for Fun Fashion or continue watching until beauty is complete. There will be a slight break between beauty and Fun Fashion. As your child is finished and exits the stage, you may return to the dressing room to prepare for the next category. This will allow the day to move much faster.

Crowning will begin after all categories have finished.  Please change back into Beauty Wear for crowning.

We begin crowning with the youngest age group first and so on. We will crown a winner in each group. If there are more than 2 per age group then we will crown Princesses too.



High Point Queen:

~      The contestant over 3 to 9 years old with the highest scores in all mandatory competitions. Will receive a large crown Sash Custom Trophy, , many other gifts.

~      The contestant over 10 tears old and up with the highest scores in all mandatory competitions. Will receive a large crown Sash Custom Trophy, and many other gifts.

Queens/Princesses: One Divisional Queen per age division will represent  NW Royal Miss throughout the year.  And will win a beautiful custom crown, sash, gift bag.

​Academic Award: will be given to any contestant with the best academic record. Verified prior to the pageant. Transcript To be turned in at registration

Community Service Winner:  One contestant with the most community service hours (verified) prior to the pageant will win this award. List with pictures will be turned in at registration. 

Photogenic: This award is presented to the contestant with the highest photo score. Divisional will get a Medal and small gift The winner will receive a crown and sash.

Talent Winner:  One talent winner per age division will receive a crown and ribbon and one overall winner will be crowned Supreme Talent receive a larger crown and embroidered sash and will attend royalty events with Divisional Supremes.

Overalls:    Photogenic  Beauty Supreme  Spokesmodel and Model will receive a crystal award, A crown, and sash.  Pulled after Divisional.  May come from th Baby Division

*We do not double crown


ival:  Feb 17th 

Time:  1 PM  Royalty Please bring 2 gifts with you.  One for Incoming Queen and one for Gift Exchange   Please put your name and division on a tag.

Online Registration:   

In person check in begins at 2 pm February 17th  Location at the Embassy Suites Tukwila . IMPORTANT: Bring  your photogenic picture with you along your 3 gifts with you to registration. One for the outgoing Queen, one for the incoming queen, and one for the gift exchange  Please put your name and division on the tags.

Interviews: Time 4:00 PM itll 7:00 PM  will be following the check in order.  You will be given your packet and interwiew time at check in.

Royalty Arrival:  

Pizza/Pool Party:
Time:  7:15 PM  February 17th

Bring you swimsuits. Pizza and Drinks and cake will be provided.  We will be doing our gift exchange at this event.    All contestants under 16 must have a chaperone with them at all times.

February 18th  Onstage Catagories.   

11:00 am   Pageant Begins for all ages. Please be ready 30 minutes in advance.

The order of categories is:

Formal Wear with Onstage Introduction

Fun Fashion immediately following:  Please change as soon as you leave the stage. 

Talent Competition Immediately following

Break on your own


Crowning Begins approximately 3:00  PM.

Newly Crowned Royalty and Life Time queens Photo Session will take place immediately after crowning.

NW Royal Miss Rules

  • NO fake teeth, eyelashes will be allowed for the Tiny Miss, Princess, Little Miss or Pre-Teen Divisions.

  • Fingernails, fingernail polish, and jewelry are allowed.

  • Makeup should be age-appropriate.

  • No glitz-style "falls or wigs" are allowed.

  • Tans are acceptable  

  • Off the rack beading/sequins/glitter/rhinestones are acceptable.

  • Fun fashion outfits can be custom-made or Off the rack.  Please no Denim or tee shirts.  Dressy and classy side of the scale.  Midriff outfits are allowed but are at the parent's discretion and should be kept appropriate.

  • NO PRO-AM routines or movements will be allowed. Regular modeling routines are ok. We prefer the contestants to be as poised as possible on stage. Often times the child is more focused on watching the parent than looking at the judges, so please do not act out your child's routines. Minimum of 5 contestants per pageant required or director reserves right to cancel.

  • Siblings will receive $25.00 off the full entry fee. This cannot be combined with any other discounts.

  • Please do not call or email to ask who will be competing or judging.

  • Good sportsmanship is required at all times by contestants, parents, and guests. Failure to comply will result in disqualification without a refund and any rewards received will be forfeited.

  • All judges' decisions are final.

  • NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED for contestants.  Good Conduct is expected at all times.   

  • Do not approach the judges before, during, or after the pageant. It is ok to speak with the judges if they approach you.

  • NW Royal Miss judges will come from outside people who are not directly affiliated with contestants entering the pageants.

  • By signing the application and/or online submission form, you affirm that all information is true and correct and that you have read the rules & regulations. You also understand that NW RoyaL Miss  or anyone connected with this pageant including the host facility is not responsible for loss or injury incurred at or in travel to & from the pageant.



Participation Fees $245.00  

Includes: Interview, formal wear, introduction, and one photo.

Party: Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

A portion of the fee will go to the Play On Sports Foundation a nonprofit organization promoting a healthy lifestyle for low-income children.


Mini Optionals Package: $50  You will receive a bracelet in your packet   Winners for each category will receive a charm, ribbon, and a gift. 

Prettiest hair, prettiest eyes, prettiest dress, best introduction, and best smile



Optionals:  $50 each or all four for $100

Community Service: Contestant with the most time performing community service  List and photos turned in at registration

Academic Winner: Contestant with the highest GPA     Transcript turned in at registration

Talent:  One overall winner and one in each division

Photogenic: Highest photo score  Only one crown for the entire pageant.  Must be entered In Overall in order to win this title 


No one will go home empty-handed.


Sibling discount is $25.00 off the second sibling registered.

BEST DEAL! $350 Eligible for High Points
Includes: Interview, formal wear, introduction, Photogenic overall, 2 party tickets, mini optionals Package, and optionals package! 

Best Deal Babies:  195.00   

Includes:  Playtime, formal wear, introduction by Mom, Photogenic 1 party ticket mini optionals.  

Pageant Executive Director: Denise Keffeler

Assistant Director:  Susan LaPlante 

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